Welcome to Coorabell Hall, 565 Coolamon Scenic Drive.  The position is on the ridge overlooking Byron Bay! This well-loved little country hall is volunteer-run for community, arts and cultural pursuits.


Freshly painted inside and out, the hall is a great space for classes, workshops, private parties, weddings and of course it’s well known as a great music venue. Situated on Coolamon Scenic Drive, the Hall has one of the best views in the Shire and there’s ample off-road parking behind the hall.  The eyecatching front doors were painted by Bundjalung artist David Millar.                 




Tickets available:


See the Bookings page to make a general enquiry

The kitchen has been upgraded to Commercial quality and the hall is available to hire for weddings and other functions


The doors have been re-decorated by local Bundjalung artist David Millar, and inspired by Uncle Louis Walker, who has given us the explanations of the painting – a brilliat goanna motif, with local songlines and geography all signified.



Coorabell Hall now has Tax Deductible Donation status through the Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF), which has helped us raise several thousand dollars in donations, but we're still way way short of the Hall's needs.  See the ABAF website for more details.

Why are we raising money?

This funds raised by these concerts, food and other activities, are to go to much needed fundamental improvements to the Hall.

The management committee voted in last year have been applying well-researched efforts to get some government contributions to the Hall, through various community grants schemes.

So far, Coorabell Hall has not been blessed with governments' generosity.

We ARE blessed with a wonderfully giving community both near and far, and Coorabell Hall is a much-loved venue. Local tradesmen have given their time gratis, businesses have been supportive, and so far,much improvement has taken place in the cosmetics and functionality of the hall, for both users and the neighbourhood.

There are several major projects at the Hall which are pressing:

  • an outdoor undercover area is essential in this climate. The Association has plans, costings and tradesmen's labour sorted for this - and only lacks the funds.

However, already much HAS been achieved:

  • the Hall septic system has been upgraded - no more stinky toilets.
  • A commercial grade kitchen
  • thanks to our friendly neighbour we have a new parking area
  • the electricals have been upgraded and are now safe and reliable!

All of you who've been to a dance, or a class, a concert, wedding, private party, the Flower Show, or a school function at Coorabell Hall – you understand why it is so well-loved and deserving of your help.

You can donate directly to the Hall, or through AbaF, if it is advantageous to you - have a look at the AbaF website www.abaf.org.au/giving, for information, and Search "Coorabell Hall" in the box provided.


During events over the past year at Coorabell Hall, there’s been a marquee, an easel, canvas, brushes, palette and paints just waiting for “that inspired moment” from young and old alike. Over a few events, the canvas was gradually filling, and the more it was added to, the more it drew us in, made others want to be part of it.

Painting in progress

Divided into 150mm squares the canvas reveals a fascinating quilt-like insight into what quirky magic inspires us in that wonderful moment we feel free to express ourselves, despite the possible discomfort of an unfamiliar medium, an audience, or the discipline of close boundaries.

This canvas has been particularly remarkable in the great and wonderful diversity of those who were inspired to take up a brush - the very young, heads only to the second row; the elderly – many a grey hair hovering with brush in hand; at least two were disabled, and two are indigenous artists; there is the knowing touch of dedicated painters, there are musicians, a TV personality, educators, farmers, and among others, a local horseman, back from working the travelling shows – Shire stalwarts, newcomers and immigrants, and a few happy travellers passing through. This Community represented in its entirety. “This painting - being involved in it, catching the inspiration of this community creativity and seeing its result - is so affirming - a joy to the eye and to the spirit. Community art is a wonderful expression and creative document of any event. The inner artist lurks in all of us, it’s so much fun to set it free – and what a result! ”Have a closer look at it…”

Coorabell Canvas