About Coorabell Hall

The first Coorabell Hall was established on the corner of Lofts Rd and Coorabell Rd sometime before 1909 when the first Trustees paid sixty pounds for two parcels of land. They were Joseph Akers, Thomas Gray and Albert Swift. The Trust Deed established The Coorabell School of Arts, a facility for “Public Instruction & Amusement”, with a caveat that the land was never to be sold.

The original hall burnt down in 1918 and was rebuilt on its present site in 1920.

Hall meetings, according to minutes from July 1925, were held when the moon was full.

A tradition was established. Full moon events have been special at Coorabell ever since.

The Hall is a social meeting point, classes are held there, and it is used as the Coorabell Public School’s hall as well.

From the 1920’s to the present, long established local families came together for dances and meetings - the Aker, Wadsworth, Garrett, Wedd, Scarrabellotti, Gray, James, Page, Parrington, Toms and O’Meara families (amongst others) all contributing to the music, dance, laughter, mischief, moans, groans and discussion that filled the Hall on full moons.

Mock Debutantes

Coorabell Mock-Debutantes Ball – 1960’s

They ran the Hall for generations.  And people came to the Coorabell Hall School of Arts for instruction and amusement, just as the first Trustees intended.

In the late 1950’s the Hall was nearly broke. The Ladies Auxilliary was formed and in 1959 the first Annual Coorabell Flower Show was held. The Hall was revived by the funds raised, and it has since become the biggest single event of the year at Coorabell Hall. The Auxilliary was disbanded when the Hall Association incorporated in 1986, but the Flower Show lives on.

On February 28th  2009, The 50th Anniversary Coorabell Flower Show will be held, with over 50 categories of floral exhibits, crafts, food, 1950s Fashion and fun.

As the late 20th century  progressed, people came from not only the local farms, but from throughout the Shire and even interstate to attend the live music performances, dances and various arts and crafts classes.

Now, over 100 years old, this little country Hall hosts visitors and performers from around the world, and is loved for its character, its location and its spirit.

Coorabell Hall

Coorabell Hall – September 2008

In May 2008 the Hall’s Committee banned live bands and amplified music after problems with excessive noise and a threat of legal action. This precipitated a massive groundswell of community protest and action to get the music and dances back in the Hall.

New members joined the Hall Association and voted in a new Committee with a detailed plan for managing musical events at the Hall with consideration of the neighbourhood, and a pledge to maintain good community liaison.

Byron Council, musicians, tradesmen, and community have come together to keep this well-loved local cultural icon functioning as intended. And it is!

The music is back, the dances are on, art and yoga classes functioning as ever.

Crowd at Coorabell Hall

The Hall Association has had a new injection of energy and funds. Members and supporters have done countless minor repairs as well as organising the repainting of the interior in more modern, friendlier colours. Other plans are underway to improve the Hall - both the structure and facilities – including a new deck, better ventilation and air circulation, sound-proofing and kitchen improvements.

If you wish to hire Coorabell Hall, please see the Terms and Conditions.

Booking enquiries can be placed on this site, but will need to be confirmed after personal contact.

Please see the Gig Guide on this website to find out What’s On at the Coorabell Hall.

Sarita and Friends

Sarita and friends at Coorabell Hall – September 12th 2008

Acknowledgements: The Hall Committee wishes to thank the following people for their contribution to the Hall, its survival and revival.

Pat Wadsworth & Family

Peter A Smith, Law Practice, Ocean Shores
  Kym Chapman, Solicitor
  Julian Smith, Websmiths
The painters, Vinnie and Nandano Andrew Curtis Electrical
Paul Goodwin James Heddle, Acoustic Consultant
Jed Paterson Byron Shire Council Staff
Mel Hargraves BAY-FM
Mel Gregory Fran Tinley
Linda Johnson Mandy Peters
Peter Westheimer Jan Barham
Richard Staples Garry Hall, Acoustic Consultant ( and Nancie!)
Pete Murray & Amanda Coutts Deidi Vine
Sol Millin Gil Rasmussen

…and all the new and long term Association Members, and volunteers, who have come together in work and spirit to revive this great little country hall for Community, Music and the Arts.