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                                           Friday 18th March 2016

                       BOLLYWOOD COMES TO COORABELL MAY 2015

                A community event which was lots of fun for all ages





 A creative arts fundraising event for the Coorabell School

Images from Nicky Akehurst Photography

 Coorabell Arts and Flower Show



Thanks to all those who attended, and to all the organisations who donated goods to help with our fundraising!



Art Retreats International

An insightful teacher with forty years’ experience, Michael has inspired thousands in their art practice. His work challenges the balance between reality and illusion. This highly awarded artist will help retreat participants enrich their expression through examining their own ideas and direction. 
Attention will be on using mixed media and sensitive use of colour. Michael hopes that each student will come away with a much deeper understanding of their personal art practice.
Coorabell Hall is an inspiring place where artists can enjoy a secluded environment in which to relax and focus.  See

Coorabell School Fete

Even tho it bucketed down, the '50s fete was fun and raised lots of funds for the school. Pics below!

inside the hall at the fete


And we started a new Community painting!

Middle Eastern Fundraiser!

What a GREAT night! Thank you to everyone who gave their time, energy, creativity and hard work to make this event a success.

Just over $1700 profit was raised for improvements to the Hall, which will nearly pay for all the electrical upgrading we have done recently.

The music was uplifting, and a new band possibly in the making - Amir, Aveshai, Yuev, Greg Sheehan and Laura Taggart along with Si and Matt of Wild Marmalade gave everyone a treat with magic rythms and sound that traversed the world from Ireland, throught the Middle East to the uniqely Aussie sound of Wild Marmalade.

And the lights! Andrew Richards, (DJ, light and sound man, and band manager among other things) and all the Hall volunteers had the place lit with eye candy that danced to the infectious beats. (see pic below)

The Community Painting, now dubbed the Coorabell Canvas, was finished, and has turned out to be a masterpiece of its genre! A wonderful piece of art, spontaneous expression, by over 60 people, including indigenous artists, elderly, handicapped, children, novices and experts...  it is beautiful! THANK YOU.

 Saritah and Grace Barbe

Our comiserations to all who missed the SARITAH and GRACE BARBE gig due to the mistake in The Echo's gig guide. Grace (who is based in Perth) will be back this way in APRIL 2010 and SARITAH (Melbourne) will be back this year as well. Both performers love our little Hall and the people who come to their events here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Spinna B-Ill, remarkable Japanese recording and performance artist plays at the Hall on December 19th, supported by OKA and DJ TKO. It was a great night for all reggae enthusiasts and amateurs alike.

Coorabell Calling Fundraiser!

With the ground sodden, breeze cold and squalls coming through, the event was attended by over 100 enthusiastic people, both local comunity and visitors coming to see the bands. The food was great, the spirit was warm and friendly, the music was brilliant, and the comedians coped well with the kiddies and relatively sparse crowd. Scott McGregor did a wonderful job as our MC, with both humour and panache.

In a well protected marquee outside, there was a community painting, along a 'quilt' type concept of rectangles each painted by contributors on the day... a canvas of community creativity, diverse in its variety, as is our community. A square (Approx 15x15cm) of the canvas was exchanged for a donation, ($5 being the price on the day) with paint and brushes provided. This panel of many paintings will if possible be used as faces for the sound absorption panels envisaged for the walls of the hall, as well as being a wonderful creation by the community decorating the halls walls into the future. Nearly 40 people participated, and there are still over 30 squares to be painted. The variety, the humour, and the skill (and lack!) shown are all wonderfully gratifying! It is taking shape as a real reflection of us.

 Hearty Thank You's to:

  • Mario and Cameron for supply and working the audio equipment and stage lights
  • to comedians ROBB FLYNN, DOMINIC, and CATHY (a little bit bird like) for the laughs and amusement;
  • to MURWILLUMBAH BUTCHERY and The GINGER NECTAR Company for their support with food and drinks
  • Mullumbimby Office Choice for the discounted printing
  • and not least, to all the VOLUNTEERS from the Coorabell Hall Association who worked so hard to make this event happen successfully.

THE EVENT RAISED NEARLY $1000 FOR THE HALL -  The first step... a little one.. but good for the community, and future events will be more fruitful financially.

Coorabell Hall Centenary


And it was a great day - warm, sunny and not too breezy.

The displays of local history on boards organised by Kristine Pryor were captivating.. the fire of 1918, the Mock Deb Balls of yesteryear when 'farmers in frocks' were a regular amusement through the 20th century.  Round the back of the hall, Geoff Wadsworth put togther his great display of vintage and special model tractors, Pete Leslight and Suzie Wroe brought horses and the beautifully restored sulkie. The Maypole organised by Sue Tsikalis of Coorabell Public School dazzled with the webbed array of ribbons spun by the young dancers from the local school. And then the indoor entertainment began...

John Hoffman and Sharny Russell Van Herp wove a lovely tpestry of jazz favourites, Sharny's velvet voice supplemented perfectly by John's flugelhorn pads and solos.

Ray Essery had everyone's attention with his poignant histories of yesteryear - in prose and verse - and he deeply touched the proud Aussie nerve with his anecdotes, specially with regard to the diggers of World War 1.

Local resident, indigenous and modern dance teacher Jason Campbell returned recently from central Australia to mesemerise us with his 2 part Goanna dance. From traditional form and symbolism to ultra contemporary in break dance, he was brilliant.

Louis Walker, local Bundjalung artist and cultural icon who directed the story painting of the Hall's front doors arrived. Louis talked of this country, its story, both in Bunjalung and English language. It was fantastic! Traditionally dressed and painted, he spoke of our unity as people, inviting all to join. He then played didgeridoo and was joined by a dancer. The whole crowd was spellbound.

Col Gray welcomed all and Officially Proclained the Birthday, and following, Life Memberships of the Coorabell Hall Assocication were presented to Pat and Reg Wadsworth, Des Toms and Eunice Woolnough for long and distinguished service (all over 20 years each).

...   and the day went on into the night after a late afernoon break..

Check 2 from Casino did a fine job of calling the dances and the crowd performed magnificiently on the dance floor.. everything from the Pride of Erin to the macarena with style, grace and great humour.

All in all a great Centenary Birthday was had by all,  and with several donations,(including one for $250 from Coorabell Public School P&C), over $800 was raised for the Hall's ongoing maintenance and improvement.